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Tuesday, February 19, 2013   /   by Dan Lott

Fewer Homes for Sale in San Diego while Listing Prices Fall

According to the Market Report - a publication of Real Living Lifestyles (http://www.sandiegoareahomesearch.com ) by Rhonda Hebert - the number of homes for sale in San Diego, CA was 1,401, down 9.19% from 1,530 in December. This is the 4th consecutive month where the number of homes for sale decreased.

The average price of homes for sale was $780,223, which was down from $796,739 in December. Likewise the median price of homes for sale - the number at which half of the homes listed for sale were for more and half were for less - decreased 1.63% to $517,325.

"San Diego home prices are up again, fueling optimism that the real estate market continues to rebound.If you are wanting to sell your home in San Diego, now is the time," Said Rhonda Hebert from Real Living Lifestyles who released the study. "The inventory is very low in the county and homes are receiving multiple offers. With interest rates still at record lows, it's a good market for buyers.

"Why re ...

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